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Brazil: A warning statement may be required for products containing carcinogenic substances

Cosmetic and food products containing substances classified as carcinogenic might be required to bear a consumer alert on their packaging. This is what suggests a Bill of Law (PLS 215/2017) from the Brazilian Senate. The proposal is currently under analysis by the Commission of Transparency, Governance, Supervision, Control and Consumer Protection (Comissão de Transparência, Governança, Fiscalização e Controle e Defesa do Consumidor).

Citizens suggestion

According to the proposed text, the Ministry of Health will have to regulate the matter including by keeping up to date a list of potentially carcinogenic substances to be used as a reference by the industry.

The bill is currently under discussion at the Brazilian Senate. Photo: © (...)

The bill is currently under discussion at the Brazilian Senate. Photo: © Robert Kneschke /

The proposal was born from a suggestion made by participants in the Young Senator Program [1]. The initial suggestion (SUG 03/2017) was welcomed by the Senate Commission on Human Rights and Participative Legislation (Comissão de Direitos Humanos e Legislação Participativa) which named Senator Regina Sousa (PT-PI) as rapporteur.

Projeto de Lei do Senado (PLS) 215/2017

Source: Agência Senado


[1The Young Senator Program (Programa Jovem Senador) is an annual project where 27 high school students from state public schools, aged up to 19 years, are selected through an essay contest and are offered the opportunity to experience the work of senators in Brasilia.

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