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Edition: Brazil
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Colep invests in innovation and sustainability for aerosols

Opening business in Brazil in 2010, Colep, a global supplier of packaging for personal care products and contract manufacturing solutions, remains optimistic about the national cosmetics market. After setting up three plants in the countryside of São Paulo, the company is investing in technology and automation to improve its products. One of their major developments is Colep’s compressed technology for antiperspirants, which provides both sustainability and practicality in use, explains Colep Sales Manager, Helder Canotilho.

Colep Sales Manager, Helder Canotilho

Colep Sales Manager, Helder Canotilho

Brazil Beauty News - When and how did Colep begin working in the Brazilian cosmetics and personal care market?

Helder Canotilho - Colep began its outsourcing activities in the manufacturing and packaging of products in 2010, with technologies for liquids, creams and aerosols for personal care, in the cities of Itatiba and Louveira (countryside of São Paulo state). The company offers contract manufacturing solutions and the provision of full service and support in the areas of logistics, quality, projects, supply and development of new products. We work with all types of water-based and alcohol-based cosmetics, including liquids, creams, ointments and waxes.

Brazil Beauty News - What makes your company a standout, considering the immense competition in the market?

Helder Canotilho - Colep is the world’s largest cosmetics packaging company in aerosol technology, and had reached a record 1.2 billion units by 2016. The company’s global presence covers 19 factories spread across multiple continents. We are leaders in innovation, having won awards around the world for technologies such as aerosol toothpaste, aerosol activated charcoal for beer containers, food foams, aerosol PET technology, and many more. Working alongside eight of the ten largest cosmetics brands worldwide, we have demonstrated our expertise and reliability in the industry for more than 50 years.

Brazil Beauty News - What specific features of the Brazilian market has Colep observed?

Helder Canotilho - The Brazilian market is very dynamic when it comes to the so-called “basic cosmetics”, which consequently adds momentum to the continuous launch of new products and intensifies their rotation on the market. Therefore, it is paramount for new product developments to remain dynamic in order to be constantly noticed by the consumer. On the other hand, the rate of launches in product innovation is still very low, given the costs involved and the availability of materials on the domestic market.

Brazil Beauty News - What are the current trends in packaging for this industry?

Helder Canotilho - In the category of liquids we are focusing on stand up pouches, due to their competitive cost of production, easy customization of the design, sustainability appeal and off-shelf visibility.

For aerosol technology, an example of Colep’s success and pioneering is in the compression technology for antiperspirants. Some of its key attributes are sustainability, portability, reduced packaging material and lower costs involved in the production and logistics chain, as well as high product performance.

Colep's aerossol packaging

Colep’s aerossol packaging

Brazil Beauty News - How is sustainability incorporated into Colep’s packaging?

Helder Canotilho - Our goal is to make sustainability a focal point for our company and for our clients through ethical and socially responsible activities. We encourage and promote programs for the reduction of the carbon footprint in our plants, as well as prioritizing innovation and sustainable products.

Brazil Beauty News - What is an example of recent investments made in Brazil?

Helder Canotilho - In addition to all the structuring and adaption of the three plants, Colep invests in first-generation water treatment systems in the personal care division, which aims at products of high technological demand, automated high-speed production lines for stand-up pouch technology and automated process control systems on production lines.

Brazil Beauty News - What can we expect from Colep in Brazil in the next two years?

Helder Canotilho - Regardless of the country’s current economic situation, Colep believes in the growth of the Brazilian cosmetic market in a significant way in the future, especially when considering that the market has opened up for small and medium-sized companies. They have been gaining space and investing in the development of new products and consumer niches, enabling greater competitiveness and boosting sales.

Amanda Veloso

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