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Quest for a healthy lifestyle drives growth of the health and beauty retail market in Brazil

The health, beauty and wellness franchise sector grew by 17% during the first quarter of this year, according to the Brazilian Franchising Association. Last October, the Pharmapele pharmacy chain opened three new units across the country.

A Pharmapele retail franchise in Campinas (SP)

A Pharmapele retail franchise in Campinas (SP)

Despite a difficult economic scenario in Brazil, the Brazilian franchise market has cumulated two consecutive rises in the first and second quarters of 2017, according to the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF); with a 17% growth, health, beauty and wellness is one of the most dynamic sectors - only lagging behind the hospitality industry. The quest for a healthier lifestyle and the strong purchasing power of the elderly (coupled with a longer life expectancy) are two of the main reasons for this growth, according Mariana Saldanha, marketing manager of Pharmapele. "Brazil accounts for 7.1% of the global health, beauty and wellness market," she says. According to Euromonitor, the country is fourth global market for health, beauty and wellness products, just behind the United States, China and Japan.

Pharmacy chains have recorded a real "boom" over the recent years in Brazil, with a surge in the number of outlets. In October, for example, Pharmapele inaugurated three new retail units: one in Balneário Camboriú (SC), one in Balsas (MA) and a fourth store in Salvador (BA). "We continue to expand steadily, consolidating ourselves as a strong and recognized brand in the market. This demonstrates the seriousness and security we offer to our franchisees," adds Pharmapele’s marketing manager. The Pharmapele chain specializes in personalised medicine and differentiates itself thanks to its dermocosmetic and nutraceutical line of industrialized products, that complements the business of made on demand formulas; currently, franchises of the brand employ more than 1000 staffs in their stores across the Brazilian territory.

Pharmapele was founded 30 years ago in Pernambuco - and for 20 years it has adopted an award-winning franchise system. The chain currently features 65 stores in Brazil.


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