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Ingredients & formulation

Silab uses flowers to take care of skin’s microbiome

Awarded Bronze at the in-cosmetics 2018 Global’s Innovation Zone - Best Ingredient Award competition, Silab’s new active ingredient, Ecobiotys, addresses the strong microbiota protection trend and follows heavy investments by the company in this research area.

For the development of Ecobiotys, Silab took inspiration from the “Nectarobiota”, the floral nectar microbiota, adopting an unprecedented approach within the cosmetic industry: use the plants’ microbiota in order to develop an active ingredient able to act on the human skin microbiota.

Porcelain flower or Hoya carnosa. (Photo: Courtesy of Silab)

Porcelain flower or Hoya carnosa. (Photo: Courtesy of Silab)

Obtained from the yeast Metschnikowia reukaufii, isolated from the nectar of the porcelain flower Hoya carnosa, ECOBIOTYS® specifically rebalances the microbiota of mature skin by reinforcing the immune and mechanical barriers of the skin and acting on the distribution of bacterial communities. According to Silab, the quality of the skin barrier is thereby improved and the complexion is enhanced.

Ecobotys won the Bronze prize at the in-cosmetics 2018 Global's Innovation (...)

Ecobotys won the Bronze prize at the in-cosmetics 2018 Global’s Innovation Zone - Best Ingredient Award competition

When tested at 2.5% in vivo on mature Caucasian skin, Ecobiotys enhances the radiance of the complexion by increasing:

- the skin reflection by 9.5% (P < 0.0001);
- the fresh complexion by 13% (P < 0.005);
- the healthy-glow effect by 9.3% (P < 0.005);
- the rested eyes by 8.0% (P < 0.001).

A subjective evaluation confirmed these results as the majority of volunteers having applied Ecobiotys reported that their skin was nourished for a long time, more luminous and with fewer imperfections,” adds Silab.

Silab therefore recommends Ecobiotys in all skin care products designed for healthy, beautiful mature skin.

Ecobiotys is a patented active ingredient (INCI name: Yeast Extract), available in aqueous solution (Silabs recommends 1 to 2.5% concentration), and compliant with international cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, Japan, China).


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